Our single vineyard wines are produced exclusively from grapes grown on our estate vineyard at the base of Mount St. Helena in the pristine Knights Valley appellation, where Sonoma and Napa counties meet.

We strive to make hand crafted wines that are true to the terroir with great ageability. We hand pick and hand sort the fruit in the vineyard, and we press each varietal and clone separately. During blend trials, we taste each barrel individually and in multiple combinations together before we select only the best barrels to be included in our final blends. As a result, no two vintages, no two wines are the same…

Hand pruned, hand picked, hand sorted fruit.
Hand crafted, barrel select wines with great ageability.


Chardonnay Fruit

House Creek Chardonnay

House Creek is the name of the bubbling brook that runs alongside our vineyards, meandering through the abundant redwoods and oaks. The House Creek Chardonnay is a blend of the highest quality berries and juice from our Knights Valley +30-year-old Old Wente and Dijon vines.

Cabernet FruitPatience Cabernet Sauvignon

What it takes to make things right… patience. To plant, to nurture, to grow a vineyard… To wait and wait and wait for the perfect berries to age into glorious, elegant wine… All we need is just a little patience.

Tree Swallow Liquid Twitter

Liquid Twitter Cabernet Sauvignon

Liquid Twitter is the tweet made by the tree swallows that nibble on insects and cruise for nest-mates among our vines. The Audubon Society calls the tree swallow’s voice a “cheerful series of liquid twitters“.

Bufo Frank

Bufo Frank Cabernet Franc

Who could forget Frank and his gorgeous gams? That good looking, buffo bufo who showed up, full of intention, to soak in every pleasure that the lazy days of summer had to offer. Frankie came to Grablewood. Frankie said RELAX. Frankie got a special wine named just for him.

Red Bellied Newt

Red Bellied Newt Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon

The rarely seen red bellied newt goes underground for five years then returns to breed near the section of stream where the  newt hatched. We named our Rosé for the first red bellied newt we encountered making the long trek from his undisclosed, subterranean lair to his long-ago hatch site (and soon-to-be breeding site) in our cool, bubbling House Creek brook, beneath the redwoods.

Library Wine

Library Wines

We focus on making high quality, small production wines, so many of our vintages sell out quickly. But we always hold back a handful of cases for our library! Feel free to contact us about limited availability on some of our library wines, and we will do our best to share with you if we can.